Evaluation: Day One

There’s a highly-respected program in a Chicago suburb that provides evaluations and support for individuals with developmental delays and their families. I’ll be happy to profile this group after the evaluation process, because I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic resource. Until then, I’m going to share some of the experience in a more general sense. This is out of respect for them as much as for my family. 8^)

day one

My husband, JD, and I met for the first time with the psychologist at the program. We got Princess Zee and the Little Stinker off to their respective schools then made the hour-long drive to an unfamiliar location. The people welcomed us with smiles and kindness. Good Sign Number One.

We proceeded to go through a lengthy questionnaire discussing Zee’s history. By the end, I had mixed feelings, not about the evaluation, but about me coming up short on answers. It’s good that JD was there to add his input. He remembered things I should have. How did I forget to mention this or that behavior? In fact, I’m humiliated to say I can’t even remember, right this minute, an example! What’s wrong with me?! is what I started thinking.

I don’t give JD enough credit. He pays more attention than I sometimes think. Without him… I don’t know.

End result for today: I liked the woman we met, and I think JD was okay with her, as well. She was patient and kind, and she explained the upcoming process.

The next stage will take place July 6th, when I take Zee to meet them in person the first time. I’m sure they’ll fall in love with her. This is Zee’s outstanding gift. She makes people smile and feel… happy. That’s my Princess!