Hot damn, the bastard is dead!

KUDOS, THANKS, ROCK ON to our military! They are such heroes, especially those Navy Seals who got the job done, and without American casualties!

My heart raced when I heard the news, and my eyes keep tearing up. I have never in my life been so thrilled to hear that another “human being” has been killed. I used quotes there because animals like Osama Bin Laden do not deserve the title of Human Being.

Now, they have announced that the bastard will be buried at sea after his body has been prepared according to Islamic tradition. I understand that the US government is trying to be sensitive in this matter, but I also think that Bin Laden forfeited his right to such treatment a long time ago. His body should undergo whatever is needed for the government, then burn it and dump the ashes in the garbage. Even better, let them dump the ashes in the very garbage dump that so much of the 9/11 debris had to be carted to and sorted. Let the spirits of the victims have him. They’ll know what to do!

Mattel picking on the little guys!

Mattel is going nuts over a small company that sells pediatric therapy tools. Why? Because Super Duper Publications had several products that had the word “Say” in their titles. Mattel tried to block Super Duper’s attempts to trademark several items because they claimed it infringed upon their trademarked toys. You know, the “See ‘N Say” toys. Super Duper’s products, geared for speech therapy use, had names like “Sort and Say,” “Fish and Say,” “Fold and Say,” and “See It! Say It!”

A short history is available at the “Speak Up for Say!” website:

I plan to gather more information about this. When I do, I’ll be sure to post it. There are various calls to action, the most prominent being to contact Mattel through traditional methods, as well as through Facebook. I’ll provide that information soon. Thanks.